Fantastic Fabric Walling for Your Home

Perfect for adding luxury and hiding imperfections, fabric walling is a new trend in house decoration. Use tenting to create an intimate space. Fancy an Arabian Nights felling? A sumptuous home cinema? Decadent decor? Make it happen!

Fabric Walling – soft and sumptuous

Fabric walling is anew trend in home decoration but it’s been around for a long time. Take the best inspiration from bar, restaurante and cinema and apply it to the home with a modern twist for a sumptuous and opulent look. Match with drapes and cushions for a luxurious feel.

Tenting for the home

Tenting and drapes in that party space give the ultimate chic and stylish feel. Or for the bedroom, kid’s room or lounge – chill-out in comfort with a tented area and lots of big cushions. Create a yurt feel in you garden room, a den or a tented conservatory. Contact us for more ideas…

Fabulous fabric walling

  • Vast range of quality fabrics
  • Beautiful soft, stylish effect
  • Easy to maintain

To complement new fabric on the walls, or opulent tenting, have you considered what else your home needs? Maybe some made-to-measure curtains?